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Amendments to applications

We are committed to providing a streamlined planning process, resulting in applications being determined (decided) promptly but at the same time understand that for customers, the opportunity to make a minor amendment to a planning application to secure a favourable outcome is a desired attribute. For this reason, we will accept applications' amendments when they meet the criteria set out below. Should an applicant wish to amend an existing application for reasons other than those listed below, they will need to withdraw the application and resubmit it.  

We will accept amendments in the following circumstances:

  1. Where the application is covered by a PPA and amendments are specifically referenced in the PPA programme and/or the cost of additional officer time spent on these is covered through the PPA.
  2. Where amendments result from information being overlooked or incorrect at the validation or registration stage (including changes to the description, red line site boundary or certification) and the additional information is considered by the planning case officer to be required for the determination of the application.
  3. For minor changes following the expiry of the initial consultation period, at the discretion of the planning case officer, and at their written request – the understanding is that these will be the subject of one round of re-consultation and will require an agreement to an extension of time for determination of the application of at least 4 weeks.
  4. Information or amendments that are required as a result of the deferral of the application at Planning Committee or Joint Development Control Committee.
  5. Information or amendments that are required as a result of legal advice or legal challenges.
  6. Information or amendments relating to large-scale strategic outline applications, or related reserved matters, or hybrid or full applications. These are at the discretion of the planning case officer and require their written agreement.

Only one single set of amendments will be accepted on each application.