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Public Access help

Why is there unusual traffic detected from my computer network?

We are using a service on our Greater Cambridge Shared Planning (GCSP) Public Access Planning Register to prevent automated high-volume computer-based traffic on this website.

You have been directed to this page as this service has detected unusual traffic from your computer network and it appears to be sending automated queries to our site.

It is best to move through the webpages slowly to avoid your movement being treated as automated activity, rather than a person reading and digesting the information as they move between webpages.

We appreciate this can be tricky, especially if you are familiar with the screens in the GCSP Public Access Planning Register and can quickly identify and click on what you wish to see.

If you are using Virtual Private Network (VPN), you may be unable to access our site due to other computers using the VPN creating automating queries or have been in the past.

If you are from a larger organisation, you may be unable to access our site due to your combined access being seen as a high volume of traffic from one network.

If you continue to be unable to access our site, please contact