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The next Local Plan (see glossary) will directly affect the lives of everyone in the area, and we want to make sure we have an active and open public conversation about how it should take shape. This means involving all parts of our community - individuals, groups, businesses, academic institutions, and stakeholders (see glossary) of all kinds. We are committed to genuinely listening and learning from you all and ensuring that we explain the plan-making process clearly to you, so you understand how and why decisions are made.

We particularly want to involve groups who usually don’t get heard in the planning process – young people, people from diverse backgrounds, people from less prosperous parts of the area, and those who usually find it difficult to get involved for different reasons.

Therefore, we are making the First Conversation material fully accessible online in a digital-first format, as well as in a printed version, but also taking the conversation to you in a number of different ways:

  • taking a roadshow to places around the area including shopping centres, schools, community centres and other places where we can reach out to as many people as possible, making it easy for you to spend a few minutes finding out more and sharing your views.

  • using social media and video to encourage young people in particular to get involved.

  • spreading the word via local TV, radio, Council magazines, and news media

  • working with leaders from our diverse communities to encourage greater participation.

  • working with other parts of the Councils to encourage everyone to get involved.

We want to know whether we are achieving our aim of reaching the full diversity of our communities with this consultation. To help us do this, it would be very helpful if you could complete the following anonymous questionnaire.

The plan making process involves several stages, and the input we gain from you will be balanced with other evidence that we gather. You can read more about what’s already been done and what is planned in our Statement of Consultation, which will be updated at each stage of the Plan process. This has been drawn up in accordance with our Statement of Community Involvement 2019.

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