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Edge of Cambridge - outside the Green Belt

Edge of Cambridge: outside Green Belt (concept illustration)

This approach would create new homes and jobs in extensions on the edge of Cambridge, using land not in the green belt. The only large site on the edge of Cambridge not in the Green Belt is Cambridge Airport.


  • Benefits from the services and infrastructure at the existing centre, maximising the potential for sustainable transport.

  • Large scale urban extensions present the opportunity for new on-site infrastructure, such as schools, local centres and green spaces that can bring benefits to the existing and new community.

  • Cambridge Airport has previously been identified as suitable location for a new urban quarter to Cambridge and was removed from the Green Belt in earlier plans. It is identified as safeguarded land for longer term development in the 2018 Local Plans if it becomes available.

  • Makes use of brownfield land.


  • Confirmation whether safeguarded land at Cambridge Airport can be developed within the next 20 years will be important as part of considering whether to allocate it in the new Local Plan (see glossary).

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