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Edge of Cambridge - Green Belt

Edge of Cambridge: within Green Belt (concept illustration)

This approach would create new homes and jobs in extensions on the edge of Cambridge, involving release of land from the Green Belt.


  • Benefits from the services and infrastructure at the existing centre, maximising the potential for sustainable transport.

  • Large scale urban extensions present the opportunity for new on-site infrastructure, such as schools, local centres and green spaces that can bring benefits to the existing and new community.


  • Requires the use of greenfield land on the edge of urban areas, which around Cambridge would require the release of Green Belt land. National planning policy (see glossary) is clear that Green Belt boundaries should only be altered where exceptional circumstances are fully evidenced and justified, through the preparation or updating of plans. This includes a requirement that all other reasonable options, including working with neighbouring districts, have been fully explored. It also says that when reviewing Green Belt boundaries, the need to promote sustainable patterns of development should be taken into account.

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