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Other interesting buildings

War memorials 

There are many war memorials across South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City.  The memorials range from small, discreet plaques to large edifices that dominate the landscape, and all are important to the social and architectural history of the area. 8 of these are listed as being of special architectural interest - for example in Station Road, Newmarket Road and Trumpington. 

South Cambridgeshire’s war memorials are mapped on our interactive war memorials mapTo use the map simply search by typing in a postcode or interactively use the map by zooming in and out and clicking on the memorial icons.



Boathouses line the north side of the river Cam. They are of architectural interest as well as being part of the social history of Cambridge. 

Our Cambridge Boathouses [PDF, 2.5MB] document from 2010 contains illustrations and a description of the buildings with some of their history. 

 The document is not intended to be a definitive guide to the study of these buildings. We welcome any additional information you may have.