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Listed Buildings at Risk

Listed buildings are of historic and architectural importance and part of the nation's unique heritage. As part of our policy to protect and enhance the heritage assets of Greater Cambridge, we maintain a Listed Buildings at Risk Register containing details of buildings which are known to be 'at risk' through neglect and decay, or which are vulnerable to becoming so.  The register indicates the address of the property in question and the condition of the listed building. 

The listed buildings have all been assessed against our selection criteria, based on the assessment criteria used by Historic England. The listed buildings identified as being at risk are included on the Listed Buildings at Risk Register and we also maintain a watching brief register, where listed buildings vulnerable to being identified as 'at risk' are resurveyed on an annual basis.  

The Listed Buildings at Risk Register highlights and records the listed buildings in a format which is accessible to the public and building owners. The register forms a framework through which to approach owners and begin a dialogue with a view to securing necessary maintenance and urgent repair works to their listed buildings, to secure the survival of the listed building.    

The overarching purpose is to work alongside owners to ensure that the listed buildings identified are made weathertight and structurally sound and are no longer considered to be ‘at risk’. The listed buildings are then subsequently removed from our Listed Buildings at Risk Register. 


Listed Buildings at Risk Register

Please find the Listed Buildings at Risk Register. (PDF)


Reporting a listed building as potentially at risk 

If you believe that a listed building within Greater Cambridge is currently at risk and it does not appear on our Listed Buildings at Risk Register, please firstly check that the building is designated as listed. You can do this by checking the South Cambridgeshire planning search map or by searching the national list on the Historic England website.


Once it has been established that the building is designated as listed, please report the listed building as potentially being at risk by using our online Listed Buildings at Risk Register nomination form or by emailing our Historic Environment Team.