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We formed the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service in 2018, along with Cambridge City Council. It is now one of the busiest planning teams in the country, processing over 6,000 applications every year across a huge range of different sites and projects, and with a team of over 143 officers across the following teams.


Policy, Strategy and Economy

This team are responsible for developing new planning policy, monitoring our delivery against our adopted Local Plans, supporting neighbourhood planning, and working across the boundaries of our area to develop strategic initiatives such as the Ox-Cam Arc. This team is responsible for two major plans in development – the, Greater Cambridge Local Plan which will be the first joint Local Plan that covers both Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire, and the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan, which is a development plan for the area between the guided busway and the A14.  



This team is responsible for ensuring that new developments come forward in line with the policies in our existing Local Plans, meeting our ambitions for well-designed, sustainable and equitable places to live and work.

This team deals with large and small planning applications – from the big schemes such as Northstowe and Waterbeach New Town, down to householder applications for extensions, listed building consents, and advertisement consents.

We work collaboratively with applicants before they submit an application – through our free and paid-for pre-application advice services – and during the process of determination (decision-making). Some applications are decided by officers, while larger or more complex proposals are presented to our Planning Committee, who make the final decision.

This team also includes our enforcement officers, who make sure that developments are built in accordance with their approved plans and crack down on unauthorised developments when these are reported to us. The technical support team help the delivery side of the service process applications smoothly and liaise with applicants and their agents.


Built and Natural Environment

This team includes our specialists in design, the historic environment and listed buildings, landscape, ecology, sustainability and more. They help both the Policy and Delivery teams ensure that we create beautiful, sustainable communities that enhance their local areas and enrich our built environment.


Business Operations

The business operations team provides specialist knowledge and support across vital business functions. The team provides performance analysis, workforce development, marketing, project management and accountancy support to the service.


Greater Cambridge Statement of Community Involvement

Planning shapes the places where we live, work and play. For this reason everyone should have the opportunity to get involved in the planning process.

Find out more about our Statement of Community Involvement.


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